Common SME social media errors – watch out!


There are some very common errors committed by small business owners launching into social media marketing.

  • Too often ┬ásocial media beginners start strong and eager, posting 10 tweets in a day and knocking off 3 blog posts in a week, before gradually retreating into a silence that suggests to online visitors that they went bust
  • Too often they forget about that ‘conversation’ thing their social media consultant mentioned and without engaging with any fellow social networker go round using twitter etc like glorified noticeboards
  • Too often….


Well, I shouldn’t go on without confessing that someone else put together this very neat summary of social media mistakes and I recommend you read it.


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Jon Hartley is a former manager in international online and traditional publishing. He has over 20 years experience in marketing, training, editing, copywriting and translation.Jon Hartley Internet Marketing is a collective of professionals expert in all aspects of internet including design and IT

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  1. Hi Jon! Thank you for sharing my blog post and glad you enjoyed it. If you can think of any other social media mistakes SMBs are making feel free to share and we can add to that list.

    Adriana M.

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