Google’s Blogger or Which is best?


This blog is set up on the self-hosted platform (as opposed to the platform – see difference here). That being the case then my answer to the question above is going to be – choose WordPress.

Well, that was easy, but I should do some explaining.

Both WordPress and Blogger provide the average user the opportunity to set up a professional blog quickly and easily choosing from a variety of themes (the layout and look) and additional widgets. Both sound good, but why do I prefer WordPress. In a word the answer is flexibility. I want a platform on which to build a blog that provides solutions I want, and even solutions I don’t yet know that I want.

When you want to optimise the functionality of a Blogger blog you can do so through activation of a limited number of widgets, the number and variety of which only grow in response to market demand.

WordPress, being open-source, can be almost endlessly improved and adapted through the installation of free user developed ‘plug-ins’ (the blog equivalent of Smart phone apps) There are thousands of ‘plug-ins’ already created not in response to market pressure but as quickly and variously as the ingenuity and insight of thousands of independent user/developers can think and work. More and more plug-ins are developed each week to serve every eventuality. In ‘plug-in’ world anything you can think of that might be useful an intelligent search will more than likely reveal to already exist. Take a look at the plug-in directory.

WordPress – good for me, but for you…?

My preference for WordPress rests on my desire for the flexibility that only the open source plug-ins universe can satisfy. You may have other priorities. Perhaps you’re looking for a nice, super easy platform to set up in which case Blogger might be better, or maybe you think Google Adsense might work better on Blogger which is owned by Google. With this in mind I’d recommend you take a look at the following article for a detailed comparison of Blogger and WordPress or here

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