This is the business for clearing away the awful IT fog.

I am a visual artist, with no appetite for keyboard contact. Nothing could pursuade me to go back to my website after a disabling encounter with high flying IT advisors. So I abandoned it for 6 months. Then I came across Autonomy Online. I met with Jonathan 3 times and he devised a plan for enabling me to become familiar with my website. He paced the instructions and I achieved the clear objectives. After the initial contact there was no further cost, and free emails, texts and phonecalls helped me over any sticking points. I am now hitting the blog button and updating my website with all the enthusiasm of a professional. I cannot believe it is happening. Many thanks.

About jonhartl

Jon Hartley is a former manager in international online and traditional publishing. He has over 20 years experience in marketing, training, editing, copywriting and translation.Jon Hartley Internet Marketing is a collective of professionals expert in all aspects of internet including design and IT

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