Helping you speak

Public speaking is not merely something to be survived. It is a chance to show off and impress!

I’ve delivered an impromptu 10 minute presentations on complex search databases to 30 busy patent attorneys. From the podium I’ve entertained and informed an entire congress of Scandinavian librarians. I have spoken and the attendees of a brain-bristling science conference in Amsterdam have listened. I’ve performed stand-up comedy in Glasgow, and I’m Edinburgh born!

With my experience I am equipped to deliver any speech for anyone to anyone, but for many clients that’s not an option. They have to do themselves. The best man has to speak the words at his friend’s wedding. The conference organiserIf you are that person then we can help you along the way. Our speech writing and/or editing and our coaching wont simply help you over the terror of giving a speech or making a presentation. You will learn the skills that make it possible and even enjoyable.


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