This is the business for clearing away the awful IT fog.

I am a visual artist, with no appetite for keyboard contact. Nothing could pursuade me to go back to my website after a disabling encounter with high flying IT advisors. So I abandoned it for 6 months. Then I came across Autonomy Online. I met with Jonathan 3 times and he devised a plan for enabling me to become familiar with my website. He paced the instructions and I achieved the clear objectives. After the initial contact there was no further cost, and free emails, texts and phonecalls helped me over any sticking points. I am now hitting the blog button and updating my website with all the enthusiasm of a professional. I cannot believe it is happening. Many thanks.

Eleanor Carlingford
Eleanor Carlingford

WordPress workshop: Over the first hurdle!

WordPress workshopper

I didn't know where to start and the introduction to Wordpress workshop was just what I needed to break through that initial hurdle and get to know the basics, build confidence to play with all the tools and experiment. Just what I needed!

Sam Goates
We Are One Creative

Excellent workshop

Very clear instruction on how to get going with a WordPress website.

Robert Bowen
Barca Design

I actually enjoyed the workshop, which I didn't think I'd say about any computer experience.

Before the course I was completely baffled by my web site and now the feeling of dread has gone, and I have more understanding of how it all goes together.

Great communicator

"Great communicator, with a relaxed style"

Alexander Hamilton
Curwen Press

Plenty of useful tips to drive social media marketing

Helped me focus on social media potential and ways it may be exploited to promote the orchestra.

Lindsay Robertson - Orchestra Manager
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra

Really useful focusing on these crucial elements of our companies development

Very helpful with the practicalities of using Twitter and lining it up with other social media platforms including the blog at the centre.

Liz Strange
Strange Theatre

A never ending source of great advice and practical help when we need it

Jon got the ball rolling on our social media when we attended his workshop. He has continued to offer valuable advice and encouragement in harnessing the power of social media. A great route to our audience and place to celebrate successes.

Just the help we needed to establish our social media

The Village Story Telling Centre is all about communication. We need to engage with the community as much as possible and using the blog and Twitter accounts to spread the news of upcoming events and celebrate our successes helps us achieve our goals. Jon's advice and practical help was invaluable.

Lots of great ideas on integrating social media into our publishing programme

Important lessons learnt on the potential of social media to reach and build on a new audience. Good for our readers and good for our advertisers!

...lots of nice ideas

Lots of info on various platforms was very useful. And great stuff on helping get into the mindset of our target audience.

Enjoyed it immensely, and got a lot of nice ideas

Andrew Noble

enabled me to raise the profile of my jewelry business...and generate more sales

...gave me social media skills in one day which have enabled me to raise the profile of my jewelry business, gain new contacts and generate more sales.


Joanna Baker
Seen and felt

...gave me the tools and knowledge necessary to generate as much interest in my work as I possibly could

Jon is a very skilled teacher. In just few workshop hours he provided me with all I needed to know in order to enhance and manage my presence in the social media world.

Chiara Cupini
Chiara Cupini


I want to get my social media sites up to date and busy now that I have lots of ideas

A great comprehensive workshop, even the 2nd time around!

Giving a good grounding and kick-start to a simple means of managing social networking

Really useful workshop

Expanded my knowledge on the relationship between social media marketing tools and the way to manage them effectively!

I learnt a huge amount about social media marketing and how to put it into practice

Katy Carmichael & Charlotte Carmichael
Highland Angel

Excellent balance of content and discussion

I got a good overview of the territory and felt it covered and met my expectations.

Great tutor with a relaxed but informative style.

Alexander Hamilton
Curwen Press

...demystifying the processes of social media

Informative and useful in demystifying the processes of social media. Made it feel accessible to me with the basic principles of different platforms and tricks on how to use them efficiently.

Annie George
Wave Theatre

Great intro to the world of social media

Useful time spent getting a good introduction to the world of social media with a friendly and approachable teacher

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