Social Media training

We have trained non-techys, including many artists, in the set up and management of their own social media strategy. Our social media training is designed to make sure our clients meet concrete objectives. Here in just 4 steps is how our ‘We don’t earn it until you learn it’ guarantee works.

  1. We and the client agree on a list of concrete objectives at the beginning of the first face-time session. Examples of website objectives can include, among others,
  1. We and the client agree on the number of face-time sessions required to train toward reaching the target objectives and calculate a fee.
  • The minimum face-time session is 2 hours
  • To set up a standard social media strategy and train clients to carry it through can take as little as 6 hours
  1. We charge 80% of the fee on completing a face-time session e.g. minimum 2 hours
  1. Following the last session of scheduled face-time we continue to provide practical help and support until (and not before) the agreed objectives are met (via phone, text and e- mail) after which time we charge the remaining 20% of the total agreed fee.*

Services we provide include training in MailChimp, Google Analytics and WordPress. Contact us at tel: 07912 979 567

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