Public speaking services

With a background in both business and performance Jonathan is excellently equipped to help anyone preparing for a public speaking engagement be it a wedding speech, after dinner speech, welcoming speech or business presentation.

The very idea of public speaking strikes terror into the heart of most people. Just opening your mouth and speaking those first words can be hard enough, but doing it well can be even harder.

A wedding speech requires that certain conventions be met – giving out thanks, paying respect to the parents generosity and the bride’s beauty – some laughs and some heartfelt sentiment.

A business presentation or a welcoming speech to a business event has to engage, educate, enthuse and entertain. It is an opportunity to ‘hit the highlights’ without overburdening an audience with details – to deliver an inspiring call to action or to briefly and vividly state key points.

Jonathan can help in every aspect of public speaking including write a speech, edit a speech, coach the speaker or even deliver a speech. As an experienced master of ceremony he can also steer your event from the front.


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