Our training guarantee



Training & our ‘We don’t earn it until you learn it!’ guarantee

We train small business owners including sole traders like artists in the effective creation and management of their websites, social media strategies and e-mail campaigning via MailChimp. All our training services include our unique  ‘We don’t earn it until you learn it!’ guarantee.

Every client is trained in three stages.

1. We and the client agree on a list of concrete objectives at the beginning of the first face-to face class. Examples of website objectives can include, among others,

  • setting up a website on WordPress with a suitable layout (theme)
  • adding pages
  • adding blog posts
  • organising navigation of website
  • adding media – picture galleries and film
  • connecting social media like Twitter and Facebook
  • monetising website
  • activate Google Analytics on website enabling clients to monitor website traffic

2. We and the client agree on the number of face-time sessions required to train toward reaching the target objectives and calculate a fee. (Tutor facing time on fixed courses like ‘8 Night Classes : 1 Website’ are specified on the relevant page of this website)

3. Following the last session of scheduled face-time we continue for 4 weeks, if need be, to provide practical help and support (via phone, text and e- mail) toward achieving the agreed objectives, including the ability and confidence to manage the website, are met.

Contact us at websitehelp@jonhartley.com tel: 07912 979 567
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