Hashtag guesswork

When someone want’s to set a category to their twitter they prefix the word with a hashtag like this #

This categoristion makes that tweet visible to people searching that category of tweet.  Those who had something to say about the riots in the UK recently quickly bought in to someones categorisation #ukriots . #ukriots, twitter-wise, was the a-list category for riots in the UK! There were smaller fry for the regions and towns of course like #manchesterriots, but #ukriots was the daddy.

If you have something to say about a news event or current affair how might you make up  category that w ill help your tweet toward twitter fame?

It’s a  business requiring a certain knowledge of how other minds work. Fortunately, only human’s tweet and humans are  not so bad at reading human minds….or are they.

Here’s a great article from the BBC on the subject of creating hot # categories in Twitter




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