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There are two main blogging platforms.

WordPress is owned by Automatic (which I would recommend over all others).

Blogger is owned and managed by the Google organisation.

Both platforms offer users the opportunity to set up a blog free of charge.

This page provides a link to information on setting up both WordPress and Blogger.

WordPress versus

If you search WordPress you will discover that there are two apparently distinct entities. and . Both belong to the same company.

Setting up a blog on is the easiest option for beginners. The hosting and managing of the software is taken care of by the WordPress team and you get a blog address that goes allows you to download the blogging software to install on your own server meaning you can have a blog with the address http://yourwebsite/blog without the word WordPress included. One of the main advantages of is that it enables the user to install additional functionalities (plug-ins) developed by other technical savvy users.

.com or .org? Not sure which to choose, but desperate to start blogging?

Choose the easy option and set up a blog on because you can always export all content over to a blog at a later date. The important thing is to start blogging great content as soon as possible and begin building your audience online.

To set up a blog go to this page and follow the blow-by-blow instructions.

For further information on the differences between and .org including advantages of one over the other go to

To install on your server go here but remember you will have to be a little technically savvy, or have a friend who is.


You will be required to set up a Google account in order to set up the Blogger blog.

Blogger provides a similar service to but there is not an equivalent of software that can be downloaded on to your own website with all its attendant advantages.

To create a Blogger blog go to


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