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I’ve met countless small business owners (okay, not countless, but many. Many!) who complain that their webmaster or ‘the guy/gal who looks after my website’ is rarely available to make changes or corrections to their websites. Pushed to the bottom of a busy techy’s priorities they can wait weeks for a correction to be made to their address or a small message on an upcoming exhibition or promotion to be posted.

What many small business owners fail to realise is that the day of relying on a webmaster to do their online work, and that includes the company website, are long gone. Sure, if the website includes a complex, database linked booking and invoicing system then it probably isn’t time to say goodbye to HTML Harry or SQL Sue entirely but for the majority of small businesses this is not the case, and even if it is there are large sections of every website that should be easily edited by a non-techy with a little training.

Small businesses setting up their first website or even just wanting to update and improve that clunky ‘brochure’ site they bought years ago should take a look at the opportunities that WordPress offers. With a little training everyone can now build their own website and install functions including e-commerce. A WordPress site can quickly become the dynamic hub of a businesses online activity linking up to company Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

WordPress provides good instructions on how to set up a WordPress blog/website but for a quick and enjoyable start its worth every business owners time getting some training.

We at JH Social Media have devised a solid 4 hour workshop session to give business owners an excellent start in WordPress. (2 hours 1-2-1 consultation included in price) The first workshops take place on November 4th and December 4th at The Arts Complex, Edinburgh. Watch out for the posters around town like the one pictured, or just get on the phone or e-mail now and contact us to book your place.

WordPress Workshop – book it now!


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