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I don’t pretend to know everything about anything. Thankfully I don’t have to. I have the internet to fill in the gaps.

This is the first of a series of blog posts designed primarily to point you in the direction of great sources of information I have found.

Some weeks ago I wrote a ‘Social media for X’ article on ‘Social Media for hotels’ at ‘Room service: the social media friendly hotel’ where I made suggestions on the kind of social media content hotels might use to attract guests and provide good service.

Since writing I have been looking at several other blogs on the same subject and here are just five of them that contain great ideas for hoteliers throwing themselves wholeheartedly online.

Top 10 social media marketing tips for hotels  includes the suggestion that you ‘Invite guests to join your FaceBook page (upload their emails), and ask them to post pictures of the hotel and their trip.’

The blog  Hotels That Rock at Social Media  mentions that ‘The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is known for providing social-media-lites good rates and VIP treatment.’

Rewarding social media nuts! What better way could there be for getting your name in all the right places in all the right ways?

Among other things the blog post Social media for hotels: whats the problem? cautions that social media marketing, if it is going to be sustained (it’s a long haul business), should be ‘Basic and simple enough to be doable by hotel staff on an ongoing basis’


The slide show How hotels can use social media to attract event planners reminds us that social media can be (and should be) targeted at specific audiences.

I especially liked the slide ‘Use video to display venue capabilities’ though I might have used the term ‘facilities’ instead of ‘capabilities’.

And finally a blog post that ends  with a neat list of successful social media campaigns When Social Media for Hotels works

If there are any social media for hotel ideas you want to share below in comments then please, do disturb!

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