Travel Bloggers: Marketing and PR professionals in flip-flops?


What is your first thought when you see a headline ‘Best practice in travel blogging’? If you are like me you will have this idea that bloggers are autonomous individuals bringing the world to their readers in the same spirit as investigative reporters in the conventional news channels. With this…

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Wake up and smell the coffee – Twitter works!


Here’s an interesting story on Twitter success in the coffee shop business written by Erik Bratt at MarketingProf. ” The Coffee Groundz Company: Started in 2007, the Coffee Groundz is a coffee shop, bar and all-round “hang-out” joint.  Twitter address: @coffeegroundz  The Houston-area coffee shop was just another coffee shop—until it…

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Social media for restaurants


  This is the third blog post in the Social media for ‘x’ series. Not a bunch of cut’n’paste fluff on the ‘7 best retweets’ or ’10 ways to max LinkedIn’ that is so typical of social media posts, but some real ideas on content for the blogs, Facebook, Twitter…

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