What do you really need when you buy social media expertise?

There are a lot of people who imagine that simply setting up a Twitter account or Facebook Page is a significant advance down the road to social media marketing success. They are wrong. They are no closer to social media marketing success than a monkey buying a pencil is to becoming the next Shakespeare.

‘Web guy’ Mark Aaron Murnahan who wants us to “Learn the facts about SEO and social media marketing and stop wasting so much time and money,” has written an excellent article on this very subject entitled “Hourly rate for setting up social media profiles?!” Check it out and gain an insight in to what you shouldn’t be paying for in social media and what it is you should be looking for in the way of effective social media help.

The entire article squares very nicely with what I offer as an effective social media consultancy; consultancy that recognises that social media platforms are convenient, cheaper (NOT FREE! – they require time and effort) channels of communication that, when exploited properly and comprehensively, can deliver results. If your social media guy or ‘gal’ isn’t giving you regular ideas, guidance and maybe even practical help on shaping the strategy and content of your social media then he or she isn’t doing a whole lot.


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