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This is the second blog post in the Social media for ‘x’ series. Not a load of guff about the 5 best WordPress plugins or 8 ways to find followers that is so typical of social media posts, but some real ideas on content for the blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts of specific industries.

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Social media content for music venues

Wow! Where do we start? If  you can find an industry other than entertainment with better access to content for social media I’ll be amazed. Ferreting out fun and fascinating, or even just plain interesting (kinda) content for an accountancy firm’s social media can be a challenge but fun and fascinating is the bread and butter of entertainment venues. Right? Course it is!

The question arises, if social media content is so abundant then why would an entertainment venue require social media advice? Well it’s one thing having the content, it’s another thing realising its true social media marketing potential.

Many venues I have studied are signed up to Twitter and Facebook and use them as little more than noticeboards to post listings of coming events. This is not the content that will engage a loyal audience and build the venues reputation amongst

  • music fans
  • music promoters
  • music agents
  • other music venues and businesses

We will look at Comedy and Theatre venues in later blog posts but the focus here is on Music. What can a music venue do to get the most out of social media?

social media mix with blog at its centre

Taking a basic social mix above as a starting point with a blog in the centre here are my ideas


Make a committment to regularly engage with followers and especially those who write direct messages or reply to tweets. Respond to criticisms too

  • Your business is music so you should have something to say about current music news – e.g. Mercury prize, Brit Awards, mouthy music stars most recent commentary etc. Give your two pennies worth and engage followers in conversation
  • Ask questions about music, gig experiences etc
  • Discuss famous/infamous albums – The Jam – Was ‘Town Like Malice’ too commercial? (oops. Showing my age!)

promote the business directly

  • invite acts to send in showtapes within specific windows of time
  • advertise special offers
  • alert followers to late available tickets – cancellations tc
  • invite audience to comment on acts/write reviews
  • advertise job vacancies

Alert followers to posts on the blog as listed below


Because so many people use Facebook (500 million and counting) any company would have to be mad to ignore it. There should be a button on your website linking to Facebook page.
Like Twitter Facebook can be used to alert visitors to information on your blog. Its format allows for a longer intro to blog posts.


The blog is the centre of your social media universe – content uncut. It is to here that all other social media should lead. You can post film, audio and texts of unlimited length.

  • reviews on recents shows
  • regular features
    • new bands
    • classic albums
    • blues
    • country
    • indie
    • rock and roll
  • guest articles by visiting acts
  • embedded Youtube clips from company’s regularly updated Youtube channel
  • Embedded Youtube clips  from visiting bands plus introductory text
  • embedded soundcloud files
  • set up polls where audience members might vote for their favourite new acts
  • podcast highlights of specials events
  • information on breaking in to the music industry as
    • a performer
    • producer
    • promoter


Film and sound content should be posted on the venue’s own branded Youtube channel.

  • interviews with acts
  • interviews with colleagues in the music business
  • clips of concerts/gigs

Promoting Social Media

Some venues have recognised the importance of integrating their social media with conventional marketing. Others still print their posters and brochures without mention of their Facebook or Twitter pages.

Some venues take every opportunity to advertise their social media to real live audience members at their venue. One venue I am familiar with makes no mention of its social media to live audiences.

The company’s social media should be promoted through conventional channels offline including

  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Tickets
  • On stage announcements (t-shirts for MCs with twitter address?)
  • E-mail campaigns

The list of ideas for social media content above is not exhaustive. Do you have any other good ideas? Please comment below. Likewise, if there are social media platforms you consider particularly useful for music that are not mentioned here then please comment.

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If you want further advice on effective social media in your industry and you live in the UK  you might consider looking at my social media solutions

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