Social media for music venues


  This is the second blog post in the Social media for ‘x’ series. Not a load of guff about the 5 best WordPress plugins or 8 ways to find followers that is so typical of social media posts, but some real ideas on content for the blogs, Facebook, Twitter…

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Social media marketing for artists – part 2

I explained in the first social media marketing for artists blog entry that the possibilities for promoting your work have never been easier, cheaper or more comprehensive. You can promote your work permanently online locally, nationally and internationally at practically no cost. I also promised to explain the practicalities of…

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Social media marketing for artists

  It’s never been easier nor cheaper to advertise and promote art not just locally but nationally and internationally. The traditional means by which artists bring their work to the world is through exhibition at private art galleries, festivals and shows. These forums, shop windows – call them what you…

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