Post – Prism – surrendering the minimum of personal information to register on social media


  Even though it is clear that social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are effective tools for marketing I have occasionally met business people who dismiss all social media platforms as part of a ‘Big Brother’ conspiracy, as big corporation and/or governmental mechanisms for monitoring people. In the…

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No more to stagnant websites! No more living at the mercy of the web designer!


  From simple pictures and text to pages animated with Flash websites have gone through a process of evolution over the last 15 years. Today, as a serious marketing tool, they are a complete non-starter. You will protest. It can’t be so. Where would EasyJet, Ebay, Amazon be without their…

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Social media policy? You can not afford to go without one!

twitter violence

Social media like any other form of company communication regulates the smooth running of your company and defines its reputation out there in the market. In traditional company communication managers have always had control and oversight on what is published in the company’s name. It isn’t so hard to monitor…

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