Developing business through Twitter – UK SME Twitter success stories

twitter success

  A common refrain I hear from business people is that ‘Twitter is a waste of time’, a mere flood of unimportant trivia. I have argued many times that used properly Twitter can play a significant role in developing and consolidating new business. To illustrate the point I have pointed…

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The 4 Tribes of Social Media Marketing – Which do you belong to?

It’s September and time, after the distractions of summer months, to fully re-engage with your business. For many businesses September is the beginning of a new sales cycle and that means securing present contracts and customers and seeking new opportunities. All of them have their traditional marketing initiatives in place…

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Content curation – compere your industry online

In the series ‘Social media for x’ started only a few short months ago I have looked at social media content for several industries including entertainment, building and recruitment. The main focus has been on the content that companies can generate themselves. I hope the  ideas I have provided so…

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Social media for the home improvement business


  In a stagnant housing market more people are spending money on improving the home they have got rather than attempting to sell and buy. This is good for home improvement businesses and especially those who are working to harnass the power of social media. As with all articles in…

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