Social media for theatre


  Theatres, like music venues, have a social media advantage over most businesses. For more prosaic activities like real estate it can be a challenge to dream up content that attracts a loyal reader-, listener- or viewership. Theatre land has content a-go-go, or put in more technical terms, content and…

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Social media for music venues


  This is the second blog post in the Social media for ‘x’ series. Not a load of guff about the 5 best WordPress plugins or 8 ways to find followers that is so typical of social media posts, but some real ideas on content for the blogs, Facebook, Twitter…

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Social media for ‘X’

Social media is important to promoting business in the modern marketplace. It is no longer a matter of debate. That said, there is no one size fits all social media strategy! Each business has to recognise social media content that will benefit it most. What works for an artist may…

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No more to stagnant websites! No more living at the mercy of the web designer!


  From simple pictures and text to pages animated with Flash websites have gone through a process of evolution over the last 15 years. Today, as a serious marketing tool, they are a complete non-starter. You will protest. It can’t be so. Where would EasyJet, Ebay, Amazon be without their…

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